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Site appraisals and feasibility studies
Master plans
Planning applications
Conservation & heritage
Construction drawines and specifications
Tender packages
Contract administration
Design and build packages - residential and commercial
Project management & construction management
Overseas developments - residential and commercial

About Us

Peter Eldridge Architect was founded in 1996, has a highly motivated, committed, qualified staff and has developed its expertise in commercial, industrial, leisure, residential and education sectors.

The practice has carried out many interesting and challenging projects both in the U.K. and Europe and are always looking to explore new ideas and concepts which will benefit the built environment.


At Peter Eldridge Architect, our primary goal is to deliver a personalised and dedicated service to all our clients. Whether it's a large-scale residential development, a school project, an individual house, or a domestic extension, we approach each project with unwavering professionalism and enthusiasm and we are committed to creating designs of the utmost quality and attention to detail that align with our clients’ requirements.


Our practice policy on all new commissions is to take a fresh approach to each individual project, continually monitor throughout the design & construction stages, critically review projects in terms of architectural design, sustainability, project progress and cost.


Practice Philosophy

The practice philosophy is to produce high quality design and detail whilst maintaining cost effective buildings which meets the client’s brief and to ensure the design created enhances the surrounding environment visually and environmentally.


This can only be achieved by working as a team with our client, appointed consultants, and contractors.

We always encourage our clients to become involved throughout the project as we believe it is extremely important to maintain a good working relationship to interpret exactly what the client wishes.



The practice, places great importance on the creation of sustainable buildings. As part of our office policy, we prioritise the use of recyclable materials whenever feasible. By doing so, we contribute to the preservation of our environment and promote responsible construction practices.


Furthermore, we recognise the significance of energy conservation in building design. We strive to enhance the insulation value of our projects, reducing the reliance on mechanical resources. This approach not only leads to a more energy-efficient building but also contributes to long-term cost savings and reduces environmental impact.


“Individuality with emphasis on space, freedom from aggressive forms, creation of natural light, a balance of the elements.”

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